In light of the completion of Land of Hope’s first phase, Studio Hartzema was hosted by The House of Common Affairs Journal to discuss about architectural research, future projects and the roadmap for FRESH.

Excerpts from the interview:

“Most people do not know that FRESH stands for Free REsearch Studio Hartzema. And, as the name suggests, we expect it to free us from everyday conventions and lay the foundation for promoting experiments and stimulating analysis and reflection. FRESH allows the practice to take a step away from everyday planning and return to reality with a critical and refreshed approach. This has been very satisfying as it enables us to dream big and look outside of our mere existence and professional routine.”

“Contrary to conclusive studies which aim at one final solution for an existing problem, we want Land of Hope to lay the groundwork for future studies and to remain open to critical reflection. “

“In general, we aspire to see our visuals reaching the wider public, becoming a unifying narrative in people’s everyday lives and inspiring them to understand climate change and co-exist with radical visions of sustainable development.”

Read here the full interview: