FRESH [Free REsearch Studio Hartzema] is the newly established R&D department of Studio Hartzema, led by Henk Hartzema and Aikaterina Myserli.

Over the course of more than 15 years of designing buildings, masterplans and spatial strategies, our practice has run fundamental researches about the use of space, environmental and infrastructural issues, campus development, living and perception of a place. Having year-long experience on architecture, urbanism, strategy and research, our objective for this R&D section is to focus on landscape transformation, resilient strategies and sustainable development. FRESH will serve as a platform for collecting all of our existing knowledge, inventing new one and envisioning a brighter future in today’s urban complexity.

Our content is curated every week and is open to comments, discussions and fruitful feedback from our readers, clients and collaborators.


Vision & ideation: ir. Henk Hartzema

Project Manager: Dipl. -Ing, ir. Aikaterina Myserli

Past and current in-house collaborators: ir. Isabel Recubenis, ir. Saba Schramko, Sara Gholizadeh, Pieter Scholten, Davide Vangeli, Dylan van Wel, Giulio Minuto, Gianluca de Maria

You are always welcome to contact us here if you want to know more about FRESH:

FRESH, Westblaak 49, NL-3012 KD, tel: +31 10 281 07 51,